We’ve officially launched!

Friends and comrades, I’m so glad you’ve made it to our little online celebration today. While we are gallivanting around our little home, enjoying the company of each other and a few friends (and perhaps some “spirited” libations), we wanted to reach out to everyone who has been supportive of Scott and his journey thus far.

Two things are happening today:

  1. If you’ve visited this website (mscotthammond.com) in the last couple weeks, you may have noticed that it is a lot different now. We’ve moved over to WordPress from Wix, and we are quite happy with our decision. We believe this is a powerful platform for the awesome that is Scott’s personal art and illustration portfolio.
  2. We are officially announcing the brand NEW launch of Timber Cove Design. You may be asking “What is this madness?” It is Scott’s new venture into the world of commercial art freelance. There you will be able to see a sampling of the kinds of visual splendors Scott can create for goods ranging from food and beverage labels to logos to apparel.

To celebrate, we are also hosting a giveaway for YOU. There are three prizes.


Grand prize: An original framed drawing by Scott. This piece celebrates the official launch of Timber Cove Design and the NEW mscotthammond.com.

2nd Prize: A mug with a design created by Scott!

3rd Prize: A signed print by Scott!

How to Enter

Comment below! Use a valid email so we can get back to you if you win the drawing.

Every single person who wants to enter must comment on this post below. You can (and we encourage you) to earn some additional entries by doing some or all of the following: 

  1. Visit Timber Cove Design and just take a look around the website. After getting a feel for the kind of work Scott can do in the commercial art world, go to the contact page and use the form to submit a brief message about what you liked and where you could most imagine seeing Scott’s commercial art (bottles, food products, apparel, etc).
  2. Like Scott’s illustration page on Facebook. Please be sure to mention in your comment that you’ve done this. 🙂
  3. Follow Scott on Tumblr, please mention your Tumblr username below if you do this one.
  4. Follow Scott on Instagram, please mention your Instagram username below if you do this one.
  5. Follow Scott on Twitter, please mention your Twitter username below as well.
  6. Ask us to put you on the email list in the comment below! Since you’ll already be giving us your email to comment, this one is easy! Just give us permission to send you updates of Scott’s shenanigans in a monthly email (no spam, we promise). 

If you complete the additional entries, please mention each of them you did in your comment!

Submit your entry by midnight Pacific Standard time on January 31st, 2016 (today!). 

Thanks everyone! We are so grateful for all the support we’ve received from friends and fans. Have a fabulous day!


10 thoughts on “We’ve officially launched!

  1. I’ll go exploring the site in a moment, but I’m officially entering to see if I can win an original piece by Scott! I already like and follow all his social media. You can add me to the mailing list. 🙂

  2. I’m following Scott on Instagram and Twitter, liked him on Facebook and posted all about him on my feed. Pick me, pick me. I love rockets! And I love Scott’s art and had a great time at your grand opening. xoxoxo

  3. I’m following on Twitter and Instagram and liked the FB page. Congrats on the new site! It looks great! Add me to the email list!

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